“He Taught Me Real Life Ways To Get Healthy!”

I can not thank Dr. Joe and the Kasper Institute for what was given to me. My health! I was bed ridden for years and could not run my business. He taught me real life ways to get healthy that no other health professional or Retreat Center has ever give me! His energy alone will transform you!

Ps-The Floatation Pod was an amazing therapy!

Cj Mathews, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“The Experience Of A Lifetime.”

The experience of a lifetime. Every health issue I have Dr. Joe addressed. He spent much more time with me than I ever expected. I could not believe that I stayed in my own suite and he took care of all of my nutritional needs. He spoke to me in real terms and taught me things about nutrition, chemicals, exercise that has changed my life. You rock Dr. Joe!

Paul Fishkind, Orlando, Florida

“I Could Not Be Happier, No More Diabetes.”

I have had the honor of knowing Dr. Joe Kasper for 10 years. During that time he has taught me more about health than any health professional in the world. His Kasper Institute is first class all the way. From the professional Chef Lessons, Supplementation Lecture, Food Shopping Experience to the amazing Therapies. Now I have Dr. Joe Kasper Formulas that arrived at my home before I got back from the Kasper Institute. I could not be happier, No more Diabetes. He is a true health pioneer.

Ed Zimbardi, Braselton, Georgia