Stop Needlessly Throwing Away Your Hard Earned Money

Store bought brand vitamins and minerals contain inorganic synthesized forms of nutrients. Then in order to bind the nutrients together into digestible form they include extra fillers and binders.

This extra added in unnecessary junk can actually cause NEW health conditions to form start including inflammation, digestive problems, and even allergic reactions. And that is on top of what you already might be suffering from.

It’s very important to realize that the synthesized ingredients themselves in store bought multivitamins are specifically chosen for cost savings alone. They’re just like the ingredients in really cheap processed canned foods, which are made as quickly and economically as possible.

So why do the major manufacturers do this? It’s simple. It’s because it’s all part of their highly calculated plan to help reap even larger profits on totally unsuspecting consumers that purposely seek out the best sounding deals, but really don’t know any better.

And profit wildly they do,ultimately based on what you put into your body. The problem though is what they are giving you is not what’s actually BEST for your body.

It’s not fresh. And it’s definitely not “GOOD FOR YOU COMPLETE WHOLE FOODS”.

This means that you not only waste your money if you buy the vitamin supplements available in most supermarkets and health food stores, but these vitamins and supplements can actually cause brand new health problems that you never ever had before.

Only PowerPack3 uses the absolute freshest ingredients that don’t sit on a store shelf for months or even years on end, which means you get the absolute highest potency and bioavailability possible. Think about it like this…when you buy fresh fruits and vegetables they are NOT prepackaged for months on end.

Fresh foods allows your body to process and squeeze out the maximum amount of nutrientsfrom them – And in this same EXACT way you want your vitamins. Fresh.

And because OUR INGREDIENTS ARE 100% ORGANIC there are no pesticides and no chemicals added in. Ever.

So you know you can rely on PowerPack3 to deliver the freshest vitamins right to your doorstep automatically every month. That’s because they go from our amazing laboratory, right to us, and then ship direct to you.

This helps us to keep our stock low and our customers happy.

Just take a look at what happened when I recently went to my local vitamin store. I bought 3 separate products that most closely replicated the PowerPack3 (a multivitamin, probiotic, and a digestive enzyme). The total cost for a one month’s supply came to a whopping $87.47.

On the other hand the much more potent AND affordable PowerPack3 on the other hand saves you $209.64 over the course of one full year.  And that’s just on the cost of supplements alone!

…Don’t forget how much time it will save you to take all the steps need to get to the store to buy your vitamins. When you order PowerPack3 you’ll NEVER have to walk to your car, drive to the store, get out of your car, walk into the store, take the time and effort to locate the 3 different supplements you need, wait in line at the cash register, walk back to your car, and then driving back to your home – it’s really a totally needless headache!

Plus, don’t forget about added extra savings of gas you will keep in your pocket from as many 24 individual long and tedious back and forth trips – 2 per month, initially to get to your local health food store and then to return back to your home.