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The bottom line is that YOU MUST ACTIVELY FORTIFY YOUR DIET with the extra valuable nutrition it needs to make up for what your food is missing!


To your rescue is the special PowerPack3 multivitamin blend, which is jam packed with ALL of the exact nutrients that your body needs to flourish. Included inside every multivitamin is a potent combination of:

1. Raw Fruit Blend

2. Raw Vegetable Blend

3. SOD Precursor     Antioxidant Blend

4. Resveratrol

5. Vitamin A

6. Vitamin B6

7. Vitamin B12

8. Vitamin C

9. Vitamin E

10. Zinc

11. Calcium

12. Magnesium

13. Solenium

14. Manganese

15. Chromium

16. Folate

17. Molybednum

18. Biotin

The PowerPack3 contains a proprietary blend of raw organic whole food fruits, raw organic whole food vegetables, SOD precursor antioxidants, with resveratrol goes way above and beyond your average multivitamin.

The PowerPack3’s blend of raw organic whole food fruits including cranberry, acerola cherry, prunes, raspberry, strawberry, plus grapeseed extract and wild bilberry extract. It also includes the world’s most concentrated natural sources of vitamin C and antioxidants including camu camu, citrus bioflavanoids, and a proprietary blend of berries (VitaBerry Plus).

Its proprietary vegetable blend features a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables of VitaVeggie™ blend including broccoli, tomato, carrott, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, onion, olive, shitake mushroom. VitaVeggie™ will ensure that you get all the important nutrients nature intended from these vegetables.

And its antioxidant blend provides powerful antioxidants from pine bark extract and mixed tocopherols, combined with the power of resveratrol and quercetin. Then ensures your body is able to produce its own powerful antioxidant enzyme (SOD) by including a patented Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Precursor System.

Resveratrol can also be found as part of the PowerPack3 masterful formulation as well. Among the list of conditions that WebMD states that early research performed on Resveratrol might be able to benefit is heart disease, cancer, alzheimer’s, and diabetes.